The Good Mood Creators

Meet Our Team

  • Jarrett Slavin
    Jarrett Slavin
  • James Hoag
    James Hoag
  • Luke Manrodt
    Luke Manrodt
  • Aariel Hall
    Aariel Hall
  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez
  • Jason Wang
    Jason Wang
  • MJ Quigley
    MJ Quigley

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Progress To Launch

  • Concept
  • Prototype
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Launch

About The Good Mood Creators

The Good Mood Creators were founded in 2012 by Digipen students Jarrett Slavin & James Hoag.  Fellow Digipen students Luke Manrodt, Branden Turner, Aariel Hall and Jason Wang joined shortly thereafter, giving the team some serious programming & art muscle.  MJ Quigley came on to provide our stellar soundtrack, Colten Murphy & Sam Dassler for some level design expertise.  They then added Steven Hernandez to lead the environmental art team, and  from there Mekazoo was born.  Jaewon Lee came on to round out the tech team, with Ivan Cho & Li Chih providing the necessary art support to help bring the vision to life.  Bruce Dellinger came to maintain systems admin and be a much-needed all-around utility player.  Finally, Mark Naborczyk came on as product manager to help ensure that Mekazoo is a success upon release.

While Mekazoo is their first major professional project, The Good Mood Creators have known each other through school since 2009.

After Mekazoo’s release in 2015, they plan to jump straight into production of a couple currently top-secret projects.  The Good Mood Creators are just getting started, and plan on being together, making great games for a long time to come.




  Mekazoo was chosen as a 2015 GDC ‘Best in Play’!


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