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  • Satish Shetty
    Satish Shetty

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Progress To Launch

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About Codeproof

Codeproof Technologies is a leading provider of true SaaS – cloud based – enterprise mobile security and management. Our platform, which includes our patent pending technology, secures and provides the management of corporate data and applications on mobile phones and tablets.

Our vision is to keep the user experience simple and seamless, while providing a robust set of security and management features. Codeproof delivers advanced mobile management features such as mobile group policy and app management as well as app whitelisting and restrictions. Our technology also provides users with a wide variety of mobile device management (MDM) tools from our cloud based console.

With Codeproof’s ease of deployment and management support for multiple device platforms, businesses can quickly ramp up their security solutions, managing both employee-owned (BYOD-Bring Your Own Device) and corporate-owned devices including COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) from a single cloud console.

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