Reactor Plugs in a New Class

The Alpha class has graduated and successfully launched to the Interactive Media world! And now, the Beta class has entered the Reactor for 6 months of acceleration stealth mode. Will the 7 startups of the Beta class prove to be just as successful? We’re just as curious as you are. They have 6 months, access to the veterans and bright minds of the Interactive Media industry, unmatched interactive programming, and more to charge them for launch. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside the Reactor…

8bitMMO – a giant construction sandbox 2D game making 8 bit cool again

Accelerated Pictures – building the first rapid, collaborative, artistically expressive system for planning and pitching films, ads, and corporate videos

Cascade Game Foundry – enabling people of all ages and ability levels to explore the world from home through interactive simulations. Currently working on Infinite Scuba.

Evolution Controllers – specializing in designing game controllers for smart devices

Litesprite – dedicated to finding innovative ways to help people learn, develop, and maintain healthy habits through the joy of games

Studio Pepwuper – creating family-friendly games for parents who grew up gaming. There are enough games with guns, and we’d like to offer something different.

Wire Labs – We’re making messaging fun.

These innovative startups were curated by Reactor’s elite mentor group, including the brains behind some of the biggest brands in games, interactive entertainment, and mobile apps.

“The veterans who built the games and interactive media industry, right here in Seattle, are always eager to share their experience with the next generation. Reactor is at the center of the industry, supporting and amplifying that great industry culture.” says Chip Hallett, Head of Reactor.

Do you [or that friend you never see because s/he is always working on their startup idea] want to join the Beta class? The Reactor is always accepting applications from startups needing extra fuel for their app or game.


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