REACTOR Alum Struts and Springs Launches New Video Announcing SPREE

Congratulations to Jon and his team! Their recently launched video does a great job talking about their product SPREE!

Spree recommends food to achieve specific health goals empowering users to discover new products, share experiences and celebrate good purchase-decisions over time.

In 1902, Thomas Edison declared, “In the future – we shall no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather, cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” Spree was designed deliver personalized food guidance to help “at risk” and chronically ill populations at scale.

Spree was developed by leading a team of persuasive designers, engineers, nutritional scientists and social media experts lead by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, a best-selling author, educator and White House advisor on integrative medicine, and Jonathan Kiehnau, a behavioral economist and “agile commerce” experience designer.


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