OVERLOAD- A Recollection of Greatness

In case you missed it, The Reactor accelerator hit critical mass and overloaded with next-gen innovation and demos! To celebrate the launch of our Alpha class, we hosted the OVERLOAD demo event to showcase the amazing talent that had been brewing inside the walls of Reactor and offered a sneak-peek at our Beta class, moving in soon. OVERLOAD proved to be an electric event attended by some of the most powerful local executives in games and apps.

I could continue to blabber on about the great time I had, however I thought it would be nice to give you a different perspective. Our super smart Reactor intern [and aspiring blogger sensation], Trenholme, wrote about his experience from a game-developer-in-training point of view. Take it away, Trenholme!

Boom. Clash. CABANG! Reactor was buzzing with the hustle and bustle of preparation. The Overload event was only a few hours away and everyone around me was still involved in last minute preparations. It occurred to me that what we were doing was not preparing for an event, but instead for a siege. There were no marauders attacking our stronghold in this case only techies and press inquiring at what Reactor has to offer.

Each of the Reactor’s Knights (Alpha Class) and Squires (Beta Class) were reviewing their strategies and preparing their projects for the long siege of elevator pitches and QA ahead of them. Thankfully there was plentiful bounty of food and mead replenishments available to provide energy for the defenders and to quench the invaders.

Then, almost without notice, something happened. The siege began. In the blink of an eye Reactor was full of marauding invaders.

The knights or otherwise known as the alpha class were all standing triumphant; As they completed their long indoctrination of questing with the counsel of Reactor. Battlehardened, ready to go, each of the knights threw themselves into the fray; For the halls of Asgard will sing Ballard’s of the first siege of overload and the knights who became Reactor’s first champions.

Spree “The Honorable”

Clang “The Ingenuitive”

Distance “The Revolutionary”

Yakit “The Entertainer”

Then there were the squires, brave as they can be. On a Quest for tutorlidge and a place of refuge from the horrors of outside the castle of Reactor. Looking to impress the high king Chip and his mighty paladins of tutelage, these squires put in every ounce of valor into the skirmish. One by One they rose to every challenge that bequeathed them with a fury that could forged the mightiest of swords

Thereupon without warning, the siege stopped. There were no pitches to be heard. No more inebriated battle cry’s to be seen; only the victors left standing. The mighty paladins, knights and squires stood victorious of the first overload siege of reactor. They clanked their goblets of mead and ventured into the sunset awaiting the next great adventure. However little did these heroes know, that this legend was just beginning.

Also, check out what Geekwire had to say: http://www.geekwire.com/2013/win-reactor-graduates-class/


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