2-Day Intensive Boot Camp with Industry Professionals and Mentors

WIN’s Interactive Media Boot Camp targeting and promoting Diversity in Interactive Media and Games

During this Boot Camp, participating companies are asked to immediately apply the learning to their product/project through guided exercises, and 1-on-1 time with the facilitator(s) to provide relevant industry feedback. Facilitators are drawn from subject matter experts in the field covered.

The Boot Camp includes basic entrepreneurial tools, common to most new ventures customized for the specific sectors/consumers that participating companies will be targeting, as well as tools and techniques specific to interactive media and gaming (including but not limited to, strategic goal-setting, consumer/customer development, lean techniques, etc.) This Boot Camp will also step teams thru a gap analysis for their specific product/company/team. You will exit the boot camp with specific goals and action items to address these gaps. Networking events and mentor presentations may also take place during the boot camp, to expose the teams to leading entrepreneurs in the relevant sector from the area in which the boot camp is held.

Who can apply?

  • You must be an existing company with the functioning team identified.
  • If the company is not yet incorporated, you are at least looking at what it will take to form the company and make the IP ownership and participating of the founders clear.
  • The team has a product concept (ideally they have an MVP for it, or at least in development), and
  • The team has the means financially and technically to complete the MVP with its current resources.
  • Teams are expected to send their 2-3 key vision-holders and thought leaders from the team to the boot camp.


For more information, email us at

Stages of Reaction
  • Concept
  • Prototype
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Launch

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